Friday, July 13, 2007

I'ved been tagged again

I was tagged again by my new stamping friend The Stampin Soldier, check out her sight for inspiration.
7 random things about me
1. I got married when I was 17 years old and I am still married to this wonderful man after 27 years.
2. I have two sons oldest 22 living on his own and the youngest is 15 so we still have high school drama in our house.
3. My favorite flowers are daisies
4. I never learned how to roller skate.
5. I will not watch a horror movie at all.
6. I love hot and spicy foods
7. I probably look at on an average 10 to 12 blog sites a day.
Now if I play by the rules I should list 7 bloggers to continue the game.
However I feel that would be playing favorites so I would invite you to look at the sites linked on the side to check out all the cool things these stampers are making.

Happy Stamping

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