Saturday, March 7, 2009

Playing it forward

I visited Dawn's blog today and discovered this awesome idea. I left a comment on her blog you must stop on over and visit. I wanted to play this one forward. I do not know if I have won anything from her but I hope you leave a comment to win a handmade surprize from me.

The way it works is that the first five people who respond to this post, will recieve a handmade surprize from me! The catch is that you have to pay it forward, post this on your blog, and send out five handmade surprizes of your own. What a fun way to spread some Springtime sunshine and cheer!

Here are the official instructions:
"The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! Made with tons of love just for you! You just never know what will arrive in your snail mailbox!! Give it a try! The catch? You must re -post this on your blog and the first 5 people to leave a comment, will win a fun little treat from you! Have Fun!"


Michelle said...

WOOHOO! What a lovely lovely idea! So glad to be one of the first - I'll be making sure to tell all my blog readers about this as well. Well done Wanda - so sweet!

Sue Poile said...

Hi Wanda, Sue in Australia here. Thanks for your beautiful cards! I love them! Can't wait for our new catty coming here soon! It's great to do swaps with demos all over the world and see what they create. Thanks for playing the game on my blog how fun is it!

Michelle said...
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vickiw said...

thanks for you nice comment on my blog. I've added some things if you want to have a look. I will have to try a hinged card myself. What a fun new idea. be blessed